Earn Rewards for Referrals Today

Whether you’re a musician or a Personnel Manager, we have a referral option for you. 

Reduce cost, increase functionality.

As an orchestral administrator, you have the ability to make a real difference in the way your orchestra manages schedules and expenses. By referring your colleagues to use Symphona, you can lower your yearly expenses and simplify the scheduling process for your entire orchestra.

Imagine the savings you can make with every successful referral. For every referral, Symphona will discount your orchestra’s annual invoice by a substantial $500AUD

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money and simplify scheduling for your orchestra. Start referring Symphona today.

Orchestra Management Always up to date
Orchestra Management Always up to date

Consolidate your schedule and earn rewards today.

Are you tired of managing multiple scheduling platforms and constantly checking for new project offers? With Symphona, orchestras can easily provide their rosters for your review, meaning you can use one Symphona account to view, decline or accept new project offers in-app from every orchestra you work with!

Think about the time, energy, and convenience you’ll save by having all your orchestral schedules in one place. And the best part? You can earn rewards for every orchestra that signs up through your referral. For every eligible referral you make, the Symphona team will send you a $100AUD e-gift card.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your scheduling process and earn rewards at the same time. Start referring orchestras to Symphona today and revolutionise the way you manage your orchestral career!


You can refer anyone in a planning role at an orchestra, from your local community ensemble through to professional orchestras.

Email this to a orchestral administrator you know and cc in admin@symphona.app – we’ll say hi from your email and be in touch to get you your rewards.

The criteria for an eligible referral is that the orchestra must not already be using Symphona and must respond to the initial email outreach. This means that if an orchestra is already a current user of Symphona, they will not qualify as a referral. Additionally, the referral will only be considered eligible if the orchestra responds to the initial contact and expresses interest in signing up for Symphona.

Yes, you can! We know that the pain of manual rostering doesn’t just exist in Australia. 

We maintain a maximum discount limit of $1500AUD for orchestral administrators or a $100 earning limit for musicians.