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Orchestra Management Software
Manage Rosters Online

Manage Rosters Online

Streamline Process

Streamline Processes

Eliminate Excess Costs

Eliminate Excess Costs

Managing rosters should be simple.

Between the artistic direction and musicians changing availability, sometimes getting it right feels impossible and keeping track in spreadsheets wastes your time. 

Meet Symphona

Symphona was made for Orchestras

Symphona is the easiest to use orchestra software you will come across for your orchestra management.

Symphona keeps the orchestra members and administrators on the same page, saving time, effort and money.

Make orchestra management a breeze with Symphona today!

Meet Symphona Orchestra Management Software

In collaboration with Symphona

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Symphona will support the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's Fellowship program in 2023, providing young artists with performance opportunities, mentoring, and navigation assistance.


Quickly see the daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Keep things clutter free by choosing if you want to see rehearsals, performances, sessions, or a mix. Use calendar sync to see the schedule in your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or Apple Calendar.

Managing multiple ensembles? Switch between them in one account.

Set, view and change the roster easily

Easily make the roster available to all musicians without being the person in the middle. Make changes & manage chairs with just a few clicks, and send updates to the orchestra. 

Send project offers to casual musicians in-app

Easily send offers for projects directly to your casual musicians, eliminating the need for endless back-and-forth emails and phone calls. 

Casuals can easily view the details and respond, and you can keep track of the status of each roster allowing you to move on to the next candidate quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your projects run smoothly and on time. 

See project details at a glance

See the Calls, Works and Sections of each project at a glance and make changes easily. 

Add notes to Calls, Works and Sections to specify things like dress requirements, venue access and doubling.

Keep track of leave and never accidentally roster again

Add musicians leave to their position and stop worrying about accidentally rostering someone during their leave.

Manage your tenured and casual lists in one place

Keep track of what musicians you have available, including casuals by inviting them to your organisation, or referring to them by name without an invitation. Filter and sort to see what you’re after and add Sick, Annual, Long Service or Other leave to indicate unavailability and never roster a player on leave again.

New musicians? Invite them to your organisation and roster them immediately. 

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Why Musicians Love Symphona

Orchestra Management Easy to read schedules

Easy to read schedules

Individual and group schedules available in a simple to digest schedule view means that your musicians don't need to spend time learning a new system to get the information they want quickly and you won't have to spend time teaching them.

Orchestra Management Always up to date

Always up to date

Musicians don't need to check email threads and paper updates to keep up with changes as you make them meaning you spend less time going over information you have already communicated.

Orchestra Management Updates on the go

Updates on the go

A fully responsive application means that musicians can access the information they want on any device, and you can roster on the fly, check participants and manage absences without heading back to the office.

Make Orchestral Management Easy

Find out how your orchestra can save time and money with a 15 minute call.

Symphona Pricing


Once-off Planning
$ 0 ensemble / year
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Up to 40 Calls
  • Send Offers
  • Manage Leave

Symphona Starter

community & Pro-Am groups
$ 750 ensemble / year
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Up to 100 Calls
  • Send Offers
  • Manage Leave
  • Free Data Imports
  • Quick Support

Symphona Pro

Professional orchestras
Contact Sales ensemble / year
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Send Offers
  • Manage Leave
  • Free Data Imports
  • Free Reports
  • 24/7 Support