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Resources for Personnel Managers to make their orchestras more efficient and enjoyable for musicians.

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orchestra governance
A Guide to Basic Orchestra Governance
Unlock the secrets to success with these powerful tips and tricks! Boost your productivity, motivation, and confidence starting today.
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orchestra finance management
Orchestra Finance Management for Beginners
Get the tools and strategies you as an administrator can use to manage your finances efficiently.
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orchestral management
The Vital Role of Orchestral Managers
Managing an orchestra requires superb organizational, management & communication skills, ability to multitask, handle pressure & budgets. Symphona can help.
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how to book casual musicians
How to book casual musicians
Finding skilled casual musicians for orchestras is challenging. Networking with conservatories and youth orchestras can provide a pipeline of talent.
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Effectively onboarding musicians to your orchestra
Effective onboarding is critical to integrate new musicians in your orchestra. Tailor the process to your organization's type. Read on for tips.
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sydney symphony orchestra
Sydney Symphony Orchestra + Symphona
Sydney Symphony Orchestra joins forces with Symphona, Australia’s First Orchestral Rostering Application.
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