Meet the Team

Symphona was created with the goal of making orchestras more efficient & enjoyable for administrators like Conductors, Orchestra Managers and Personnel Managers without neglecting Musicians. 

Symphona is a web app that allows personnel managers to easily manage their orchestra’s schedule.

It also provides a platform where players can see the roster and when their next call is. 

Symphona was founded in 2021 by James Menzies, Tiffany Ashdown, and Jeremy Ashdown. 

Read more about the team below!

Orchestra Management Easy to read schedules
Tiffany Ashdown

Tiffany Ashdown

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany is a driven generalist and leads the Symphona team and product.

Tiffany has industry and government experience, including within Ministerial offices of the Tasmanian Government.

Jeremy Ashdown

Jeremy Ashdown

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

Jeremy is an award-winning digital designer and user experience nerd.

Jeremy has a Associate Degree in Applied Design specialising in Digital Media and UX.

James Menzies

James Menzies

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

James is a tutti Double Bassist with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and has worked with orchestras all over Australia and New Zealand.

James has a Diploma of IT, and began developing Symphona as part of the Diploma.

Meet Symphona

Welcome to Symphona, where we are passionate about making orchestra management a breeze. 

At Symphona, we believe in:

  • Giving orchestras the freedom to choose the best tools for them. That’s why we have a ‘pick-your-own’ integration approach with other applications.

  • Empowering musicians to see schedules that reflect if they are actually required for pieces across all of the ensembles they are involved with, which is why users only ever need one account across every organisation. 

Our team is committed to providing an efficient and effective solution for orchestra managers and musicians in orchestras of all sizes.